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Thousands of compatriots apply to the Government of Artsakh Republic expressing their readiness to assist Artsakh in this hard situation.
In this regard the Government of Artsakh Republic formed an operative headquarters headed by the NKR Prime Minister for confronting rear and engineer works with the Defence Army. The members of the headquarters are;
Vice- Prime Minister of Nagorno Karabakh Republic – Artur Aghabekyan
Minister-chief of the NKR Government Staff – Levon Grigoryan
NKR Minister of Economy – Andranik Khachatryan
NKR Minister of Urban Planning – Karen Shahramanyan
NKR Minister of Labour and Social Affairs – Samvel Avanesyan
Director of the NKR State Service of Emergency Situations – Artur Harutyunyan
Director of the NKR Village and Agriculture Support Fund – Ashot Bakhshiyan
Director of Artsakh Investment Fund – Artak Mirzoyan
The responsible for food service of the created operative headquarters is appointed the director of NKR Village and Agriculture support fund Ashot Bakhshiyan ( phone number, 097-25-09-09, 074-95-90-66), the responsible for material service provision- the director of “Artsakh Investment Fund” Artak Mirzoyan (phone number, 097-20-00-28, 047 97557709 )
According to the decisions adopted on the temporary evacuation of the civilian residents of the frontiers and the settlements being under bombardment for giving support to the civilian residents and solving some social problems, responsible persons have been appointed in the NKR Government staff, here are their contact data;
NKR Government staff, 1st floor, cabinet N-109, phone number - 097-22-00-81, 097-22-44-44, 047-95-42-30

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Аcquiring bank- “Artsakhbank” CJSC
Address, Kievyan St.3, Yerevan, Armenia
Account number 22300612211100(AMD)
Account number 22300110153200 (USD).
Account number 22300200153300 (Euro).
Account number 22300400153100 (RUR):



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